Thursday, July 26, 2007

Can You Feel 'Em?

Can I feel what???

Am I supposed to feel something???

Barb says yep...feel the good vibes.

I was picked for a Good Vibrations meme by none other than the famous.....Em

So here, in no special order, are five things that get my good vibes going, that put a smile on my face, and make the day worthwhile.

1. My daily morning dose of all my favorite bloggers!!! My day starts with you and a great cup of coffee...I know what is going on in the neighborhood. Your blogs make me laugh and smile and worry about all of you.

2. My cat, he is spoiled rotten and loves me to death, if I am sick or down he comes and cuddles with me...animals have a way of worming into your heart and they really can make a difference.

3. Books...I love to read, it gives me an opportunity to block out the world for a few hours and I can sail away to a far away place....I also learn something new each time I pick up a new book.

4. The new special someone in my life....not really ready to expand on this one yet.

5. My job, as much as I complain about the long hours I work, I do love my job. I get to meet new people every day and if I can make one small difference in a persons life everyday...then I have full filled some small goal in my life.

Now I get to choose people to pass this meme on too...I am not going to choose just a few, I am picking everyone who reads this...why? because this is a great meme to tell about the positives in your life....and there is always a need for positives to be shared....


KAYLEE said...

oh gosh barb i guess i could so that might get me in a better mood:)

Beth said...

1. I love books too! I am always reading at least 2-3 books at once.

2. my dogs. they love me with my hair up in a ratty ponytail and zit cream on my face.

3. the beach. want to live there. must get there. now.

4. I'm with you on the fave blog thing. It's the first thing I do after I get up..and pee, of course. Read my favorite blogs and find out what's going on with everyone.

5. my kids. Even tho I want to strangle them sometimes or sell them on Ebay like Em, I love 'em.

I like this one! It was easy to do and made me feel good!

KAYLEE said...

OKay i tried it

singleton said...

good vibes! They're contagious!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Okay, I read it. So here goes:

My vibes vary, so I will only discuss my current state.

1. Coffee--big mug with vanilla creamer. And keep it coming. Don't talk to me before said coffee arrives. Everyone gives me a wide berth in the morning until my caffine quota has been met.

2. My cat--yeah-I like to bury my face in his fur and pretend his tail is a moustache.

3. Recently I have been listening to Brad Paisley in the morning. Even my husband likes him and he hates all recent country. We are solid Johnny Cash fans.

4. Write in my prayer journal. Even though I am going through a faith crisis, I pray every morning, both online from a source called Sacred Space and I write in my journal. If I have time, I also read devotions.

5. Watching cartoons with my son--if we have time.

The end.

Jay said...

#4 ... hmmm .... can't wait to hear more about this! I hope I can contain my jealousy of this guy!

The Lone Beader said...

A new special someone??? Lucky you!!!! :)

Dorky Dad said...

I like to start my day with a nice, healthy dose of barbiturates. Then everything else just sort of works itself out.

LADY LUXIE said...

This is different from all the memes I've seen and done..Yep'..will do this most definitely!

Been here and read up yesterday..I'm sooo just glad to be back reading you. And just like day starts with reading up too!

Have a happy weekie end!...

Scary Monster said...

Sometime just waking up in the morning and realizing me gets another day be all the good vibes me needs.


dawn said...

Have a great weekend Barb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SpongyBones said...

1. Reading up on, Old Hippie, Crazy Chicken Women, Sheep (Bleep), Women who own tape worms, Women I meet in dark alleys and Old Pirate women blogs wakey wakey me in the morning! Coffee black. No wussie creamer or ice.

2. My Guitar

3. My meds that keep me sane.

4. My mom. I'm starting to "get" her.

5. Snorting Coke with Lindsay Lohan ...

Em said...

Whoa! At first glance at your title I thought you were asking if people could feel me! I was gonna go along with that...just form a line so we can control the crowds. :)

Great list..and now I am totally curious about Mr or Ms Newbie! Can't wait to hear more!!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

1. Sunday lunch around our table with my family - sooo many feel good vibes.

2. Watching telly as I have my feet massaged, it never fails to make me purr.

3. Taking my camera out for the day and shooting anything and everything; I never know what I've really got 'til I get home, which is part two of the buzz.

4. Being left in perfect peace to write and surf my blog, catch up on everyone and post to my hearts delight.

5. Walking on a deserted beach, or down an empty glen, where I can rediscover all the bounty nature heaps upon us.

cry it out! said...

Jumped from Em -- great music! And writing!


Dirk_Star said...

Morning coffee in which I dunk my cat, Kung Pao...

Books of the Christian Conservative variety that I burn in the driveway just to let them know that I know the difference between the ones written by fanatics for fanatics and real works of art written by people who care.

My job as a house husband.

Micah, my son.

Playstation II... Yes, it gives me lots of good vibes.

Sandy said...

For me its my parents. They always make me feel goods.
And my school days memories that i cherish. Whenever i feel dejected i just try to remember those and that makes me happy.
And one more pleasure that i get is watching small kids who are so innocent and their monkeying around makes me feel happy.

creative-type dad said...

That's a pretty good list

Kati said...

Have you read the new Harry Potter yet???? I finished it yesterday and am wondering what others thought.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Weird! I swear I thought I was here yesterday and Thursday & yet, I didn't see this post! Maybe, I am crazy! Love your list & I agree with what my sister said ... Good Vibes are contagious!
Hmmm...5 things that give me Good Vibes
1- Belly Laughter
2- the unconditional love of my dogs.
3- soulful conversations
4- spending time at the water, be it the river, the lake or the beach.
5- discovering kindred spirits & feeling the love.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Kati--I read it.

Anne said...

Great post, my dear. I'll have to think a little more before I answer.
I love cats too - they're like awesome fuzzy little people. And I can hardly wait to hear about the new someone special. :)

eric313 said...

Hey, Barb
I met em. He's a cool guy. It's great when we're libral with the links. Helps people to expand their horizons.

Hope writing poems is up there on your list. Your work is not to be discounted. The poems that you've written on A Poet's Corner are powerful and creative. Hope to see more of your stuff, soon.

Hope the new love interest works for you. You deserve happiness. Now write some more happiness into everyone's lives, like we know you can! Be well and have fun on this wild Saturday night.

Wishing Well

Saturday night begat Sunday fire,
the morning bloodroses in the clouds
each one the chariot of an angry pagan god
chased out by one true passion.

This sunrise is only a decoration
unlike the one before
which may have meant life or death
--we've all woke up dead
in time for the fire to burn
it's mark of one more day alive.

this one sunrise is for your eyes only,
enchanted and drunken as they are
by love's
shot glass whiskey barfloor dance.

The sun sets us to burn.

The floors are on fire--
we are drunken well-wishers
casting pennies into darkness

you threw them for luck--

I threw them
for one endless weekend

Sundayrise tells us to try again
very soon

eric313 said...

Hey Barb
I f you want to put this one on A Poet's Corner, go ahead and let me know.

Craig D said...

Thanks for the good vibes, bardouble29! I really needed them after this past disasterous week of car-shopping (but not car-buying!)