Wednesday, October 11, 2006

As Promised

As promised I will continue the saga of my life.

All of the following events happened while I lived in Orgeon on 4th st. We lived there for 1/2 of kindergarten through 1/2 of second grade.

During this time the next door neighbor girl asked my to go to church with them. I began going to Sunday school on a very regular basis. At one point there was a time I went and there was a large deminar of some type and at the end they asked for those who wanted to give their hearts to the Lord. Sitting there I felt a conviction and tug of my heart. I raised my hand and diligently asked Jesus to live in my heart. Shorty after I started begging my mom to go to church with me and she did, I forget exactly when she was saved, but she told me it was due to my persistence.

There are also memories of horrible ear aches and my step dad telling my mother to shut me up. Yet, he refused to take me to the doctor to get help.

I also remember one evening I asked my mom when school was going to be getting out so I could go visit my daddy in Ca. My stepdad was enraged that I was missing my dad and he came into the room and grabbed me and threw me in the truck and drove me to the bus station. He stated that if I missed my dad so much, he would put me on a bus and ship me to him and I could stay there for ever. At this point I was terrified! I was in pj's and it was dark and I had never been on a bus and he was threatening to send me alone to my dad. Being the smart lil girl I am, I suddenly developed a strong desire to "not want to see my dad". Looking back I actually apologized to him for asking for my father. Even back then I had a well preserved notion of self preservation. After sitting there for half an hour begging him not to put me on a bus, we went back home and I was grounded and told never to ask for my dad again. The reason I didn't just get on a bus, was I was scared for my mother. My father had started beating my mother and I was scared that if I wasn't there he might kill her.

Another memory I have is I was able to go see my dad for the summer and when I came back, I noticed the window in my room was broken. I asked my mom about it and was told that some one had broken in the house. I was terrified to go to sleep in my room and I remember laying awake at night, listening to every little sound and my imagination going wild with all the horrible things that were going to happen to me and my family.

Enough memories for now.

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