Sunday, July 02, 2006

First Time for Everything

Let me start of by saying that I did something yesterday that I was terrified to do and realized that I had so missed out on the experience. It was a phenomenal experience.

Yesterday for the first time in my life I donned a helmet and got on the back of a motorcycle. My good friend had been asking me to at least try it. I finally agreed, I met up with him and he went over the basics with me, helped me put on the helmet and I climbed behind him. He was just going to go a short distance and stop to make sure I was ok with it. I was terrified, but I was trying not to let it show, but he knew I was because he said he could feel my legs trembling. But as we got moving I could feel the wind and all I can say is WOW. I loved it. We stopped a short distance down and he asked if I wanted to try a longer ride, get out of Fresno for a bit, I said sure. Hopped back on and we hit 41, the freeway was a little terrifying to me, we were going SO fast and all I could think about was how very dead I would be if we crashed. But I was watching him navigate and drive and he was very cautious, I started to relax a little and within a few minutes I wasn't hanging on so tight and I was really enjoying myself. We went up towards the Bass Lake area, it was a gorgeous day and having the wind... wow, wow, wow. When we turned around and headed back I was actually sorta bummed. When we got back I thanked him for making me try something I had always been terrified to try. He could understand my fear because of all the bad rap that bikes have, but he said the guys like him that ride for the enjoyment of the bike are very careful. Its the other guys that are stupid that crash and kill themselves.


Chucky said...

Well I'm glad that you got to try something new. Its even better that you ended up liking it.

Woohoo sounds fun.

Echo said...

Isn't it exciting! I'm glad you got over your fear of it. It shouldn't get in the way of us wanting to do something fun and even if you ended up not liking it, you can at least say you've tried it.

Chucky said...

Like sky diving!