Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Middle of the Line

I have a knack...

A knack for playing the devil's advocate. For seeing both sides of the story.

So many times I have had someone come in to me and give a story full of hurt or anger all blamed on an opposing party. After they unleash their anger, I calmly say to them...but can you see their side of it? Walk a mile in their shoes?

People are so quick to jump to a single conclusion without looking at the entire picture.

I know a girl...we will call her Angel. Angel is a young sweet girl that found herself pregnant. She was trying to get along with the father. The father helped her out with a place to live and a vehicle etc. She got mad at him over a few things and was ready to zip him out of her life. She was even going to not let the baby have his last name. I got her to think about how much that would hurt him and how much the child would want to know why she locked daddy out of their lives. After talking for an hour, she thanked me for giving her a bunch of stuff to think about. She said she had not stopped to to think about his side of the situation. All her family had done was egg her on to cut this man out of her life. She was happy to have a friend that was open to both sides of the story.

I think that being this way just mean that you have to be open minded. Look at the other persons intentions. Many times we have great intentions they just get taken wrong. We cause hurt to others without meaning to.

So slow down to anger and take a minute to try and see both sides of the story.


SJ said...

"So slow down to anger" I do try :)

Maya's Mommy said...

I wouldn't say you're the devil's advocate. Just an advocate. You don't have any devil in you... I'm sure of it!

Craig D said...

"So slow down to anger and take a minute to try and see both sides of the story."

So, suddenly I'm a closed-minded rageaholic just because I'm not perfect like you are?

That's it - I'm never reading your blog again!


Anne said...

It's probably good that you're that way. I imagine it can seem a bit unsupportive though.

Anonymous said...

Long time no post. Are you okay?

I just stopped by to wish you a happy 4th of July.


Sandy said...

i completely agree with you. we are so impatient to hear others story

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