Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mothers Day

This has always been a tough day for me.

Growing up I had a mom that was not much of a mom, but I always made cards and did the little school gifts and tried to make a big deal out of it....

Now a days...I am a (step) mom. I have always wanted to be a MOM. It makes me kinda sad that I am not. I always make a big deal out of the boys making something special to give their mom. I would never want to take away the magic of it being her day.

And my sweet man always brings me flowers...he knows that its tough for me.

Tomorrow we are going to go over to my mom-in-laws house. We will bbq and have a nice time. She has become like a mom to me and I enjoy her company very much.

I want to wish all the moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day. All of you have a hard job and us kids don't always say enough Thank You's to you.


SJ said...

Wow I can hardly believe it. It's great seeing you back on here. What good times we had with Spongybones and the one and only Cruel Virgin!

Ricardo said...

I saw you on SJs blog and it's good to see you back to blogging. I think there's something to be said for stepmothers out there and this day can be for them too in its own unique way.

Jay said...

I'm very, VERY happy to see that you're back! I've missed you lots and lots!

Now we need to get you on Twitter! ;-)

skinnylittlesister said...

Everyone is so tickled to see you included! Just now playing catch up!
xoxoxox Bar D!!!