Friday, June 08, 2007


I have been looking at tons of stuff for a tattoo.

Here are some ideas I have some up with.

I am loving the moon...though I kinda like this other moon "face" better.

See, I think she has a gorgeous face. I was thinking of a fairy on a flower, but a moon fits me better. I am a night person and find the moon so appealing. But I don't care for the wings on this fairy. I like the other pictures wings better. They have a more wispy quality to them.

The following picture is what makes a fairy the number one most important thing for me to get a tattoo of. The picture is drawn by my step daughter. She has a huge love of fairy's and is quite the little artist. I so hope that one day she does something with her God given ability. She drew this picture for me for Mothers Day when she was around ten. Since then she had drawn some beautiful original pictures.


Crashtest Comic said...

I have a tattoo on my back that says:

"Don't tell this guy all the shit we wrote on his back--he thinks it's a pirate ship."

Anne said...

Your step daughter's drawing is neat. I like the colors.

Maybe you can get the first fairy put onto the second moon. You may have to get one or the other drawn backwards so they still face each other. I like the first fairy better too.
Now I'm wondering about prices of tattoos. I'm guessing some can get pretty expensive.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I love it. Get it and so will I. Is that a custom job. I've already found an artist here in Philly. That one is awesome!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Ewww...your step daughter is quite the artist! Wonderful gift she has there!

I love your pictures picked out so far & I agree, the fairy wings in the top pic are more graceful.

My brother has a beautiful male fairy on his shoulder. He has dragonfly-like wings, which look beautiful. I love fairies.

SJ said...

Around 10 and she got the perfect proportions and perspectives? Awesome!!

BTW I've answered Enemy's question.

Em said...

Very nice to combine the fairy that is meaningful to you from your stepdaughter and the moon which represents you. I love both images...very magical and goddess feeling about them. I do like the fairie on the top better...but both moons are good.

So where are you putting this ink? Shoulder? Ankle? A place we'll be able to see? And how large will it be? The size here in your blog? Or different?

Kati said...

I say, take in pics of both of the fairy pics, and tell the tattoo artist that you want something with a face something like the one on the second moon, and a fairy with wings something like the first fairy. Let them come up with a drawing for you that combines what you want, with their artistic talent, and you'll probably be best pleased that way.

Good luck.... I'm looking forward to seeing what you eventually wind up with!

The Lone Beader said...

I like the face on the second moon, too. Good luck with your decision:)

Chucky said...

Oh I like that moon Idea. Can't wait to see what you end up getting.

SpongyBones said...

Wow, I'm seeing feathers flying everywhere!

Dorky Dad said...

A friend of mine wanted to get a tattoo in New Orleans with a pot leaf that said "Mardi Grass." He didn't do drugs. He just thought it was funny. He never got the tattoo.

Anonymous said...

KInda' late here..almost 12 midnight..Just peeked in to see how things are..The moon fairy is cool...can't wait to actually see it in you!..:>..

Someone's calling..I'll be back tomorrow...

LAdy Luxie

Jo said...

I love that you're putting so much thought into your tattoo. So many people regret them later because the one they have means nothing really. Art is something you should create ... good luck.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

She certainly has a talent, doesn't she? We have real fairies on our island, if you don't say hello to them as you cross Fairie Bridge, they play ticks on you that you couldn't imagine, much to many a cynical tourists regret!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Is there any way that you can find an artist who can incorporate what you like best from both of the drawings into one?

Beth said...

ya, I like the second moon better and the wings of the first fairy. so when's the big inking gonna happen?

captain corky said...

I like the first one. I think It would look really good on your upper back.

Anne said...

I'm getting a squashed, flattened fairy tattooed to my butt. She'll have a surprised look on her face., I'm teasing you! I'm thinking something like fire or the sun for myself, but really small and simple. They say fire means activity, education, and change. That means something to me. But the location, I don't know yet. I actually have a 1/2 inch star burnt, not tattooed, on my right forearm. It's more than 20 years old and so faded that you have to really look hard to see it.

SpongyBones said...

I just wanted to be the 19th person who cared.

SpongyBones said...

Oh and the 20th person too!

Orhan Kahn said...

The second picture looks very pretty.

Bardouble29 said...

Crashtest- It all very interesting!

Anne - isn't she great *my chest is puffing out!*

Enemy - I so wish we lived closer so we could go together. Get the tats and then a drink to celebrate!

SKL - I am so excited that I found those pictures. I can't wait to see how it is going to come out!

SJ- Sorry to brag, but she is awesome!

Em - lol at so many questions...all will be reveled in time....HAHAHAHA (thats my evil laugh)

Kati - I am going to see if I can combine them.

LB - Thank, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Chucky - I knew you would dig it!

Spongy - Keep on plucking, I am really getting excited about this tat thing!

Dorky - How funny, its probably good he never got that tat.

Luxie - thanks for stopping by, when I get it I will definately show pictures.

Jo - I figured I have waited this long to get one, I damn well better make sure its one I want.

SWC - She has so much talent, I just hope she doesn't waste it...*sigh*

Whimmy - I am going to take in both pictures and see what they come up with.

Beth - Don't know yet, but I shall kepp you posted!

Corky - Its either gonna be upper back or lower back...

Anne- You make me laugh girl. Poor butterfly! LOL

Spongy - Awww, gee thanks...

Spongy - awww, you are soooo sweet, you might be losing your tough guy act! LOL

Orhan kahn - Thanks...we will have to see what it comes out like.

Gardener Greg said...

I wanted to look at tatoos whild I was in Florida but my sister wouldn't let me go in the places for fear I would get one myself. Sorry

Anonymous said...

I have that fairy tattoed on my back with a rose under it instead of the moon ...i also took out the bottom wing and just left the top 2 and it turned out nice!

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