Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My brain twin Chalice tagged me to do the 8 weird things about me meme.

I am SO not that weird...Hush Chucky! I am not that weird.

I could cheat and just use my same answers from the last one, but I will behave and use new ones....

1. I am a terrible passenger (but a great driver)....The passenger side of the car needs to come equipped with a brake, because when I am riding with someone that is driving like a nut, my brake foot is trying to hit the brakes. But at the same time I am a speed demon when I am driving....Love feeling the speed. Yeah Baby!

2. I love music...and can't carry a tune for the life of me...But when I am alone (especially in the car - people probably think I am a lunatic), I turn the music up and sing at the top of my lungs...If I am at home cleaning, I dance while I sing and clean. (I can't believe I am sharing this.)

3. I have my own style...I do not dress, or do my hair in any manner of what any current style is...I am SO cheap, (only for myself, I hate spending money on me) I will go to buy myself something and by the time I get to the register, I have talked myself out of buying it. I am also an abnormal girl..I HATE SHOPPING! This is where all the guys say 'Hell ya! Love a girl that hates to shop!"

4. I am old school in the way I do my job. I am in the customer service industry, and I hate bad customer service. I make it my daily goal to give the best customer service I can. I say sir, Mme, Thank you, please, its my pleasure, I shake hands and look people in the eye. My pet peeve is when there are customers in our office and the other girls are having a personal conversation. Personal craps stops the minute you clock in for the shift. But when I am off work, there is a whole different side to me.

5. Geez, this is only #5....I am having to dig REALLY deep...I have a very vivid imagination...It has gotten me into trouble and also lots of fun...And we will leave it at that.

6. Me being a not so girlie girl, was a cheerleader in high school...just because there were people that said I never could do it and bet me. Never tell me I can't do something, that will make me prove I can.

7. Is everyone asleep yet? I have been on my own since I was 14 years old. I have been working since then also. Most of my jobs have been in new construction. I know quite a bit about everything there is to building a house...from what a stud is (not the male kind) to changing out windows, what a lode bearing wall is, to what a wax ring or a pea trap is used for. I can cut and lay tile, I have messed with plumbing and electrical...I can design kitchens...hang drywall, and inspect flooring. I also lay epoxy aggregate flooring. Wanna build a house with me?

8. OMG, I never thought I would get here...I am an absolute dork...I love to be happy and laugh and make others happy and laugh. So I will say and do things just to make someone smile or laugh. I love passing people on the streets and greeting them, just to see them smile. A smile is contagious, so pass one along.

BONUS weirdness about me...I love to play cards, any type of, UNO, solitaire.

And I am not going to tag if you want to do this meme, because I LOVE finding out more about my fellow bloggers, consider yourself tagged.


Scary Monster said...

Me not gonna do this meme for one simple reason. Me answers would be almost identical to yours and me not be kidding here. Except fer building an entire house- and me be sorely tempted to take you up on the offer.
Shopping? OMG, Me got shirts that are older than me students.

Me likes the music on yer side bar. Besides Mr. Cash and Hank Williams and son, Me ain't truly listened to country. Good Stompin!

Enemy of the Republic said...

First I have to answer my comments then do the first meme from you! Last 2 days have been so exhausting. I've been on my own since 17--14 is very young to begin all that. Oddly enough, I was a much harder person then than I am now.

Bardouble29 said...

Scary - Well glad to know there are others with my weirdness, makes me not feel so alone!

Enemy - I was harder back then too, it was anger and bitterness that drove me...Over the years I have let it go and am just happy living my life. Life is good (mostly).

SpongyBones said...

Sweet well let's go get our skydiving gear and hit the sky. You can build a ladder for you to crawl down and I will wait for you down below!

Ricardo said...

I think a further post on your imagination is in order. And you DON'T like shopping? What a catch!

Art said...

I found those very interesting! Not boring at all...

dawn said...

Funny I do the foot thing with the brake in the car and it drives my husband out of his mind. We really do have alot in common.

The Lone Beader said...

You? A terrible passenger?? Then, you'd better not ride in my beaded bus when my Dad's driving... LOL.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hate shopping too! My Mom says that I am missing a girly gene.

SpongyBones said...

8 weird things about me

1. I blog with Barb
2. I blog with Enemy
3. It's okay if SJ loves his sheep
4. I dig Barbs music
5. I dig Enemys music
6. I think the hippies are funny as shit
7. I want to eat Annes grub
8. I'm a vampire you know!

eric313 said...

Thank you for not tagging anyone and yet tagging everybody. I'm too new for this, right? Yeah, I think that's gotta be it.

Wanting to make your friends happy and laugh is not weird--just the things a person says when practicing this trait are the weird part that people sometimes don't seem to get. That hurts when that happens.

And I was doing mortgage surveys for a while, speaking of the building industry. I don't know what California housing law is, but in Michigan, everything has to have a survey seperate from appraisal. I loved working outdoors so the job wasn't bad, but now there's not even thirty percent of the business there was a few years ago, so I'm laid off, looking and writing. And glad to be writing.
Good post and not boring. Love the tunes!

Dirk_Star said...

I wouldn't mind being tagged by you...

I'm so bad.

Yes, I've been absent for a spell.

I've just been completely absorbed by my new little boy. He is so wonderful.

I like the new look and your avatar is very nice!

Are you enjoying a good summer?

Enemy of the Republic said...

Dirk is back!

singleton said...

ok, when you come to Florida we can't ride together!

Anne said...

I don't think you can buy me dinner. In fact I BET you that you can't buy me dinner. Hee hee! ;)

I've worked in construction offices too. Loved it. This one place used to specialize in the steel parts of buildings. They don't call it "building" something in the steel business, they call it "erecting" a building. It took a while before I stopped blushing every time the guys mentioned their erection.

Jay said...

I have the imaginary passenger side break too. I use it all the time. Not that I don't trust anybody, I'm just not a good passenger either. We'd probably have to take seperate cars all the time if we went to the same places. LOL

Maybe it's a control thing? LOL

But I'm a very good driver, yeah, I'm a very good driver.

Dorky Dad said...

So you'll do things just because people don't think you'll do them?

Um ... I don't think that you have the skill to paint a 1970s-era home in New Brighton, Minnesota. You totally can't do it. Nope. Can't do it.

Actually, your list isn't weird at all. Those are just "things." None of those are "weird." Good things to know, by the way, just not weird.

SJ said...

Weren't you supposed to say weird things? This sounds more like "truly cool and awesome things about me" :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

8 What some may call weird things;

1. I used to think vampires were sexy, but now I know they only suck blood.

2. I can't sleep unless I read.

3. I talk a good game, but in terms of sexual attraction, I feel it for few people.

4. I am very shy in public.

5. I am beginning to think that I lived several lifetimes before this one.

6. I believe myself capable of great evil.

7. I live in my head. It's better there.

8. I am looking into joining up in the military as clergy--I hate the war, but if others have to fight it, I want to be by their side, doing my part--but I'm no soldier.

eric313 said...

I'll take the weird eight challenge. Let me write. Thanks, Barb.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol...if you are a great driver, you may wanna keep that to yourself, cuz if we get a party bus to take us to the beach, i'd hate for you to get stuck driving when we could be playing poker, drinking beer & talking construction ;)