Sunday, April 30, 2006

Can't shave my legs


Even the simpliest thing of shaving my legs is impossible with my back hurt. I decided to take a shower a little while ago and wanted to shave my legs and I couldn't bend over to do so...but not to be defeated I big, I will sit on the counter and shave in the sink. I got out of the shower and grabbed my little step stool and halfway climbed on the sink. It hurt a little but I was gonna bear through it. I managed to get my shaving cream on half my right leg and with in two swipes of my razor my back was screaming. I managed to somehow get off the sink and remove the shaving cream with a wash clothe and now I am looking at a half shaved leg and wanting to scream, cry and jump up and down like a two year old....sigh

1 comment:

Echo said...

Poor thing. Maybe you should try Nair. You still have to bend over to put the lotion on but at least it's not so barbaric with the razors moving up and accross your naked skin.