Sunday, April 16, 2006


OK more of my life story....So somewhere between the ages of two and three my mother became pist that I was so close to my grandma and not her, so my mother sent her away. My mother had finally found a job and was working (don't know where) and I was being babysat by this family. I just remeber small odd things...Like I was terrified of the parents bedroom, it had African art and masks and was REALLY dark. When I was being punished I was made to go stand in the corner and stare at their room, I would cry. Another haphazard memory is me eating a sandwhich and my little friend and I were goofing off. I had a glass of milk with my sandwhich, and right as I took a big swallow, the other girl did something which, at the time I must have thought was hilarious, because I laughed and ACCIDENTALLY sprayed milk everywhere, boy did I get in trouble. I had to go back to that dark scary room. During this time my mother found a boyfriend-we will call him George, he was 14 years younger than her and worked as a night guard for a trucking company. I only have one memory of when my mother first statred dating him, she picked me up from the mean babysitters house and we went to his job and eat pizza. I had to sit there and be quiet while they talked and joked. I got in trouble when I told my mom I was tired and wanted to go home.
The next thing I remember is my mom telling me we are leaving California and moving to Oregon. I was devistated, I did not want to leave my daddy. My daddy and I were SO close. My mom told me I could send the ENTIRE summer with him, at the age of four that pacified me. When we, me, my mom and George first arrived in Oregon, I remember we staying for a few days in a hotel while they looked for a house and jobs. The first place we lived in was Bend, Or. I remember we had a small house at the end of a long road. My mom worked as a security gaurd for the Bond (some sort of mall). I have no idea what George did at that time...

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