Monday, April 17, 2006


Let me start by saying I am SO.....grrrahhhhh, rrroooaaaarrrr, @*%#@#%*, but enough about that. More of my life story....

During the time we lived in Bend, Or. is when I started to see some odd things in my step dad, which scared me (I had not even started Kindergarten at this point). Like one night he was drunk and my mom had to call the police on him because he was on his way to go kill my daddy. The next day my mom and I had to take a bus to the police station to go bail him out. Another time was drunk and my mom told me to sit on his chest so he couldn't move, because he was threatening my daddy again. That is when I started developing a real and deep fear of my step dad. A short time later we moved to Medford, Or. I started Kindergarten, here I remember odd things like I was an Oreo Cookie for holloween, and I remember my dress for school pictures. Then midway through the year my parents wanted to move to a new house across town and that meant that I had to change schools. I was so sad, because I loved my school and my teacher. We moved to the new house on 4th St. and I started school. I was in the morning class. There was a young boy named Tom that I "fell in love" with, he gave me a Mickey Mouse ring and said he was gonna marry me. A few weeks later he didn't come in from break and I was immeadiately very worried. I little while later the asst. principal came in and had a quiet conversation with the teacher. After a few minutes the teacher called us over to the rug to talk to us about something. With emotion in her voice she said that some boys from older grades had hurt Tom. My heart was heavy and was so sad. The next day the teacher told us that his mom pulled him out of morning and was putting him in the afternoon class. That was my first broken heart.

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Echo said...

You have a natural knack for telling stories. It is very obvious that your details are rich with experience... especially this one about your broken heart.