Sunday, April 30, 2006

Moan, Groan and Complain

OUCH....Yesterday we had another family job. (I work for my relative, he does epoxy aggregate flooring.) My job, (I am the smallest person on the crew) is to carry and lift the 50 pound bags of rock and get them into the machine, properly mixed and ready to be put down. Most of the time that is no problem, but yesterday was crazy we realized that the guy we get the rock from gave us two different sizes of one type of rock. Therefore there was more work for me to do. In the process of all this I severely tweaked my back. But I kept pushing myself, and ended up barely being able to move. That makes me incredibly angry!!!!!!!! I hate being hurt, I hate being dependent on someone for help!!!! I may be small but I have always had to fend for myself and now that I can barely get on and off the bed is making me crazy. Right now just sitting at the computer is killing me....But I refuse to continue to lay in bed.

And more whining coming.... I hate it....I hate being alone all summer, I hate rushing home and not having someone to come home to. I hate being alone and lonely all summer. being the person I am I tell myself to just deal with it. I push my feelings aside and carry on.

Oh well enough complaining and if I don't get up from this chair and lay back down someone may have to carry me back to my back hurts SO bad....

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Echo said...

OMG lady! You need to slow down. I'm so sorry your hurt your back this weekend. :(

In regards to Alan being gone all summer, just so you know, I'm always down to walk the mall or go to a movie or whatever fun girly stuff you might wanna do sometime.