Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I love people that want to give a gift just cause...it is so appreciated, but as you are unwrapping the gift they are looking at you with expectancy...they want to see the delight glowing in your eyes...as you unwrap the last of it, you see that it is some sort of mebobber, (you really have no clue what it is) and the giver starts saying "don't you just love it!!! " As I smile and say a huge thanks, ( I never want to hurt feelings of someone trying to be nice). I think....great one more thing to collect dust...This Christmas I did receive some very nice and wonderfully thoughtful gifts...thanks to all my dear friends for thoughts, cards and gifts....y'all rock.


Dirk_Star said...

Hello, Barb.

Thanks for the kind words.

There are a lot of good souls in the blogging world and it is being my great pleasure to get to know them.

I'll have to stop by here more often.

RockDog said...

Yeah, I never know what to do when I get one of those gifts...I try to be excited...hopefully it works as I always appreciate the thought!

Cheers to 2007!

bardouble29 said...

dirk- Your welcome...I look forward to you stopping by.

rockdog- 2007, here we come. Yea! Baby!