Thursday, May 17, 2007

Art of Learning

This is supposed to be a meme, tagged by none other than the famous Greg at Greg's General Store. But education is so important to me, that I decided to make this just a regular blog. I will answer the questions, but also add more of my own thoughts to it.

What was the name of the teacher that was most influential in your life from grades K through 6?

I have to honestly say there is not a single teacher that stands out to me during these years of my life. Honestly most of the teachers thought I was stupid. Little did they know I was severely hearing impaired. After a few operations, I could hear better, and my grades started going up.

The teachers that made the biggest impact in my life was my 8Th grade teacher, Sandra Bryant and my High School Jr. English teacher Mr. Rensi.

What subject did you favor in high school?

My favorite subject was/is English.

Did you attend a university and if so, did you attain a degree?

I have attended college, but still no degree. I am slowly and painfully working my way to a bachelors in business management. it may be years before I finish, but I am bound and determined to do it for me.

Do you learn best through books, by watching, or hands - on?

I can learn by all three, but I am very much a hands on person. I like to be able to touch it, see it, feel it, and experience it for myself.

Has education been an ongoing process for you? How do you feel about that?

Yes, education is truly on ongoing experience for me. I feel that when a person stops striving to learn and grow, they are giving up the very thing that keeps us going. Everyday I learn something new.

My father was very, very educated. I have always admired him and wanted to attend college. To my consternation when my dad moved me to California to go to college, his oh so lovely wife at the time decided that I would attend Beauty College instead of regular college. I did attend, I hated it and refuse to get a job doing hair. (Not saying there is a single thing wrong with it, it just wasn't for me.)

Several years later I tried attending a city college and that was horrible. The teachers didn't care and all the other students wanted to do was talk about the next freaking party coming up. (Not that I didn't want to have fun, but I was paying for the classes with my own money and wanted to get something out of it.)

Next I attended three years of online classes and I won't even say how horrible and a waste of time that was. I recently found out that most of those classes are not even transferable.

So as I said earlier one of these days I will earn my degree....but just for me.

So since this is a meme on education, if ya feel so inclined consider yourself tagged otherwise I will see you all on my next trip around the blogosphere.


Gardener Greg said...

Now I know something about you too. Thank you for visiting my site and commenting. I was once within 1 credit of getting my Bachelors Degree but let it go for so many years that my credits expired. Thank you for sharing.


kate said...

i just did a meme so I will decline! Funny little one though. I just saw Callie (linked at my site too) did the same one! Its getting around the circuit! =]

I always sorta wanted to go to beauty school! I love to play with hair... even cut hair for the guys in my dorms in college in exchange for beer! lol

Thanks for sharing a bit about you!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

It's not surprising that your favorite subject was English given how well you write.

I'm maintaining a signal for a bit and just wanted to say hi.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Sorry, I don't do well with memes. I hope my last post wasn't too much. I just wanted to satirize Falwell.

Anne said...

Trip how they thought you were stupid when you couldn't hear. Those teachers were stupid. My kindergarten teacher thought I was deaf because I ignored her. Lol.

singleton said...

" I like to be able to touch it, see it, feel it, and experience it for myself"......Of course! You go girl! Grab it from everywhere!

Jay said...

Mark Twain once said something along the lines of "I never let my schooling get in the way of my education."

He's so right. There is a whole world of stuff out there just waiting to be discovered by us all on our own through books and movies and websites and lots of other places.

Getting your degree is great though. I got mine and I'm really happy I went back and got it. I may never actually use it, but it's still a great accomplishment.

Art said...

Many of my early teachers thought something was 'wrong' with me too. It wasn't hearing, though, it was sight... or lack thereof. After the coke-bottle glasses came along, they realized I actually had a brain!

BTW, many REAL universities now offer online classes that transfer and count the same as regular work. I've taken a couple and found it to be a good experience. Check with your local state-supported school!

just me said...

The thing that hit me the most, other than agreeing with the fact we are always learning, was that your step-mom decided what you should learn. No wonder you hated beauty college!

dawn said...

It's really nice to get to know you. I tried the college thing ,it wasn't right. I went to Med. Ass't school got my degree and registration and then had kids and worked off life. I'll probably go back and try something new again.Have a great weekend

susan said...

The crowd I hung with in high school all went to the community college across the street from the high school, so that's what I did. I still regret that wasted time.

I've tried telling my kids what they will study in college, but they just roll their eyes at me. (I can come up with come doozies for majors!) At least they *know* that they are going. I didn't...

captain corky said...

Take your time and do it for yourself. That's highly admirable.

My wife got fed up with graduate school because of the bullshit politics. She is so relieved to be done because now she can read for, now get this, pleasure.

Em said...

Three cheers for life-long learning! I just don't understand how some people finish school and aren't really interested in learning new things any longer. It is just so much fun to learn new stuff!!