Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

This is my hundredth post and in honor of that I have given a special interview from Dorky Dad. (Ok, not really, but it sounded good)

Question 1: Tomorrow is your last day on Earth. What do you do?

Whaaaa! I am gonna die tomorrow! Whaaaaa.... Ok, I am over it. What would I do? Well since I am a soft hearted, sentimental person, I would make sure that all the people I love know I love them. And then I would do something extreme I have never done...jump out of a plane, or ...or...something like that. (no not really, because everyone who really knows me, knows I am a chicken, but if it was my last day...who knows, maybe I would try it.) I would also eat all the foods that I love....lobster, shrimp, desserts. Yummmm, I am hungry now.

Question 2: Why did you start blogging?

*Snicker* I honestly started blogging because I was bored, but the story goes like this. I worked at this Company and Chucky was always talking about his blog. So Echo and I asked a bunch of questions and I read his blog and decided to start one of my own. Nothing too exciting, but I am addicted to blogging now.

When I first started blogging, one day I thought I would venture out and check out a few other blogs. I read one and it was ok, kinda boring, moved on to the next one and it was about S & M and spanking and I ran back to my safe little corner didn't venture out to any other blogs for a long time.

Question 3: You say you are a "grandma." What is your idea of the perfect retirement?

I am still getting used to the idea of being a gramma...I have told a few people, that I am a gramma and I keep getting funny looks and the ask, How old are you??? I am having way too much fun with that. Have to brag a minute, the baby is beautiful. I will post a picture tomorrow.

Perfect retirement is being able to be financially set, so that I can travel (one of my goals is to meet some of the wonderful people I blog with), relax, garden, spoil grandkids, and just live. I don't want much, just to be able to do the things I want to do.

Question 4: Some goofball wizard decides to turn you into a vegetable, but is kind enough to give you your choice. What do you choose and why?

Dorky, what were you drinking when you came up with this question??? Lets see, do I want to be a vegetable that I like? Or one I don't like? Do I want to be eaten or left somewhere to rot? OMG there are so many decisions...can't think....

Broccoli - It can be eaten many ways and people love broccoli. I want to be a loved vegetable. I want people to rush to the store and buy me, because they can't wait to steam me and serve me beside their fillet Mignon.

Question 5: You are in a room, alone, with Donald Trump. What do you do?

First of all let me say, there is no way possible I would ever be alone in a room with this man. Why him, couldn't I have been alone with some hot, hunk of a man. Or if not a hot one, at least one I like????

Oh, I could have so much fun with this question, but alas I will behave myself.

Honestly, other than tearing off that terrible hair piece off, I probably would ignore him. But I think that would drive him crazy, as he is used to being the center of attention. He would talk to me and I would pretend he does not exist. I think the man is annoying and despicable. Oh, and I would tell him "Your Fired!"

OK, I am ending this interview now, mostly because I have no more questions to answer. And now I DARE YOU to let me interview YOU.

C'mon. What are you afraid of?

Here's what to do:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

See its simple...really. No, really.


Chucky said...

Ohhhh neato!

Chucky said...

Oh and first and now second!

Bardouble29 said...

Chucky - you win the award for being first and second.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!

Great answers, BTW.

dawn said...

Congrats on your hundreth post, I never looked to see how many I have. I'll have to do that. Well here goes Interview Me. My e-mail is on my blog if thats how you send the questions

singleton said...

OMG! I thought about jumping out of a plane today! And I am afraid to cross a bridge, but today I thought maybe, I should just free fall (well tethered to someone that knows what they are doing) right out of a perfectly good plane!

happy 100th!

Anne said...

Well now, we all want to be loved and eaten, don't we? Heh heh.

Congrats on your hundredth post. :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

You can Interview me...but I have no idea when I'll post it :)

Loved reading this was fun. The veggie question was strange- lol...
Asparagus- braised with garlic...smothered in cheesy goodness...mmmmm! :P

captain corky said...

"I read one and it was ok, kinda boring, moved on to the next one and it was about S & M and spanking and I ran back to my safe little corner didn't venture out to any other blogs for a long time".

I'm glad you decided to give it another go around and I promise not to talk about S & M to often. ;)

captain corky said...

PS. Congrats!

Chucky said...

Just what is this S & M that you talk of? is it anything like M&Ms? I like M&Ms

Enemy of the Republic said...

Dorky Dad--You rock, dude.

Jay said...

Congrats on #100!!

Great answers too!

Kati said...

YEAH!! Congrats on your 100th post! And I loved reading your answers but I think I'll keep my name out of your "come interview me" hat. I just don't have time for an interview right now. Too much catching up to do this weekend. LOL

Bardouble29 said...

Whim - thanks! It has been a fun year of blogging.

Dawn - Ok, let me get all the questions together and I will email them to you.

Singleton - For now I will not jump out of a perfectly good plane, but you never know what the future holds.

Anne - I like the way you think girl!

Mayden - Fun! Fun! Thanks for letting me interview you, I will email the questions to you.

Corky - LOL! it was just my first time around the blogosphere...some crazy stuff out there!

Chucky - mmmmm, M & M's, I like the ones with peanuts.

Enemy - He does a great interview...Yea for Dorky!

Jay - Thanks! I never thought I was going to get to a hundred.

Kati - oh, thats no fun!!! I was hoping you would let me interview you! *Pouting*

Dorky Dad said...

Excellent answers. And I wasn't drinking anything when I came up with that question. That's what dehydration will do to you.

And I'd be a vegetable that no one would ever eat.

Art said...

You don't like Donald Trump???

What in the world is wrong with you??? That man is an incredibly interesting and awesome human being!

You realize I'm joking, of course... he's a twit!

If I were alone with Trump, I'd challenge him to a duel... choice of weapons? How 'bout that freakin' weasel on yer head? :D

But, hey, good answers!

RockDog said...

Congrats on #100...funny post!!!

Em said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! Keep it up cause we love reading what you have to say!!

So your second blog read was on spanking huh? Gee, I never imagined there could be blogs out there stuff. ;)

Beth said...

wow...Dorky is right...if I were a vegetable, I would be one no one liked so no one ate me!

I love being a grandma and I can't wait to see the new baby.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Hahaha...I think he did ppretty good on the questions...well, except for the Donald Trump one ;)
I think you have the right idea about vegetables & broccoli...ah, to be savored!
This blogging thing is addictive! I promise you in causes marital problems over here;)...highly addictive!

Gardener Greg said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Maybe some day I will hit that number. Donald has a hair piece? I never knew. Great answers,

SpongyBones said...

I wish my grandma would have looked like you. She never would have had to beg me to stay at her place!

My what beautiful teeth you have!

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Oh, that was fun! I laughed out loud at the Trump answer. NO, I don't want to be interviewed, I have this socially incompetent gene swimming through my veins, that always, always, always trips me up, so I'll pass on that one - but thanks for the offer!

susan said...

Happy 100th!

I'd ask to be interviewed, but then I would have to answer horribly embarrassing questions and then, even worse, I'd have to interview others and I really, really don't want to start all that up again. Whew...I said that all in one breath!