Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh Really!!!!

I have this friend, love them to absolute death. I worry about their ability to choose a woman.

I have known this person for quite a few years. When I met him, he had just asked his girlfriend to be his fiance. On a daily basis (I worked with this friend) I heard about the ups, downs, really low downs and everyday crisis they went through. At the time I would just smile and sympathize. As time went on, we became better friends, I began asking why he was willing to put up with this and would he be happy forever.

Sad to say, a few months later she began telling him that she didn't know how she felt etc. Shortly there after she gave him the "I think we should start seeing other people". For the next six months I watched her her yo-yo him back and forth. As a friend all I could do was just be there, and listen and hope that he would listen to me a little. I wanted to slap her upside her head and ask her why she was playing games with this great guy.

Finally the situation between them was over and I began watching him go on a whirlwind of crazy, insane dating. Every week there were new "chickies". I had code words for keeping them all straight. Most of them were ok, nothing special. There were a few that he really liked, but they all had their hangups. I just kept encouraging him to slow down and breathe!!!!

Well not too long ago he met this "chickie" (my friends term, not mine) and he was all about her! She was great and fab and the list went on and on...(During this time I lived in another state) I heard about her over the phone. One day I got a call about her being a crazy lunatic. He then began telling he how over night she turned psycho on him....Yes chucky the one you danced with.

I just very recently moved back and got to see this friend again. He told me of this new lady he had met. He stated this one is the "one". He has been ecstatically happy, which is a wonderful change to see. I have heard so many positive, wonderful things about this one. She has a job, she is responsible, she likes the same things he does...etc. So I was really looking forward to meeting this one.

Last night, several people from work, partly to welcome me back and partly just because it was a long week, decided to go have a few drinks.

In walks my buddy and his new lady and introductions were made all around. I started making small talk with her as the guys all talked shop (boring work talk) and i was blown away by this lady! She is self centered, strange, self-centered, odd, self-centered (see a trend forming here???) I was super polite, I laughed at the attempted humor she put forth and gagged as she kissy, kissied my bud (not in jealousy, but my friend is not a kissy-kissy guy) then she kept disagreeing with everything he said and she kept correcting him in front of all of us. After a bit she grabbed my hand and stated rubbing my palm, she then began telling me about my future and some other weird shit. OHHHH and she told me that I was meant to have a tatoo, and that she would go with me to get it.....WHAT THE HELL???? I have always wanted one, but I can decide on my own if I will get one or not...thank you VERY much. Thank God one of my other co-workers saw how uncomfortable I was and intervened!!!

I was (trying) to relax and enjoy myself. I ended up yawning a bit and she leaned over and told me that she could feel my chi and had something for me to take that would make me sleep tonight and feel great. She reached in her purse and gave me a little blue pill. (I don't even like taking aspirin) I was really freaking out by this time. I smile very politely, threw it in my wallet and asked what it was, she said it was a prescription that she was given for when she was stressed out.

I was done with this scene and wanted to leave. My coworker walked me to my car, and as soon as I started the engine, my phone rang and the boss asked my opinion of the new chick and I hesitated....he blurted out that she was a freak and we both started laughing. As soon as I got home, I put the little blue pill in the garbage disposal.

My dilemma is, this chick is very strange, and I am worried about my friend. He is already talking about moving in with her. Do I warn him and risk hurting our friendship? Or do I smile and politely decline when asked to join them for outings? GAAAAA why does love put blinders on everyone?????


Em said...

Wow! Always a bit odd when a lunatic starts feeling your chi! LOL

Do you speak or hold your tongue? Never an easy choice. Both have risks. And I've done it both ways. And truthfully, I've only had regrets on some of the times when I held my tongue. Honesty has some integrity with it.

BUT...has he asked what you think? That is the key for me. I don't just jump in and start giving opinions. But as soon as they say..."so what did you think?"...I'm gentle but truthful.

bardouble29 said...

Em - Always a bit odd when a lunatic starts feeling your chi!

I was feeling way creeped out!!! lol

I was definately going to wait till he asked me my opinion, but he "seems" happy. I just don't want to hurt him!!! GRRRR!!!

Baron Ectar said...

Wow - God help me if I am ever meet a woman like this - actually come to think of it I hope that I have a buddy like you there to slap the shit out of me and tell me to wake up!

Jay said...

This is always a big dilemmma when this happens. I've only intervened once and he thanked me over and over.

I try to stay away from the emotionally challenged ones. And the really self centered ones. But, sometimes they sneak in under the radar.

bardouble29 said...

Baron- "actually come to think of it I hope that I have a buddy like you there to slap the shit out of me and tell me to wake up!"

And that I the way, very interesting conversation about city folk vs country folk and they way they view each other in a bar setting.

bardouble29 said...

Jay - "But, sometimes they sneak in under the radar."

I think my friends has a case of severe...."desperation". I hear that the disease blinds people to all forms of weird aspects of

Chucky said...

awww all I get is one line.

Gee now I'm a one liner!


Just bust his balls (so to speak). If he asked, then hey....tell the man. Or forever hold your peace!

or something like that.

bardouble29 said...

chucky - "Just bust his balls"

ummmm, since I am such a ball buster....I think I will probably go with the hold my peace thing.

RockDog said...

What I have found is that if the guy has any feelings for the girl, then he probably won't listen to what you say anyways...he'll be blinded by the tang...!

The Wizened Wizard said...

You could tell your friend he ought to check out your blog...

Chucky said...

Just poke him in the eye!

Chucky said...

Wait, I'm not to sure if that will help anything...

Ah, just do it (like Nike)!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

ABSOLUTELY! If you think this woman is not right for him and will cause him nothing but pain and trouble then tell him. If it strains your friendship a little at least you know you said something rather than regretting not having done so down the road.

susan said...

It seems like he eventually figures out that he's got a crazy woman. (why does he keep choosing them anyways?) I'd just avoid her as much as possible and wait until it happens.