Monday, January 08, 2007


I have always had a love of folklore, fables and mystical creatures. When I was a small girl I collected unicorns. I loved them and thought they were beautiful, regal creatures. I had a great collection going. I had a few beautiful figurines that depicted proud regal unicorns with wind tousled manes and tales. I had a large cutsie stuffed animal and a few various sized unicorns of animated type.

Not to make my mom out to be a bad guy or a mean person, but one day she got this notion that unicorns were evil and that I had to "purge" our home of them (had to do with her view of church and Christ...etc) ....I was crushed and devastated. She wanted me to throw them away, but instead I gathered my precious collection and gave them to a good friend. I figured that if I couldn't have them, at least I could see them when I went over to play.

When I was older I did a bit of research on unicorns and found that they are fabled to be healers...their horns are said to cure poisons and sickness. They are known to be proud and regal creatures of good.

Saying this I want to expand on something that one of my neighbor bloggers wrote about..."Christians"....

They have a way of destroying people and things. Growing up I remember MANY times the church decided to boycott a product, company or group.

One I remember is Proctor & Gamble. I remember a Sunday when the pastor stood in front of our church and preached about the evil that they were promoting through their symbol. For those of us over a certain age you will remember that on the packaging of Proctor & Gamble they used to have a symbol of a moon and stars that was always seen next to their name. Some how the "church" became convinced that they were promoting Satan worship and did a nation wide ban on anything of their product. This severally hurt them...eventually they removed the symbolism. I have done research to find out what it had originally stood for, but have been unable to do so. I just know that the church hurt a company that meant no harm.

Next I remember a similar sermon on the Smurfs...this affected me personally...I watched them every Saturday morning. Once again the "church" took a stand against the network showing the cartoon, because there was a wise "wizard" that was a part of the smurf clan. He was always mixing potions and mostly blowing stuff up....but once again the church deemed it part of devil worship.

We can go all the way back to the time when Christians sent thousands of innocent women to their death, by calling them witches.

I can site time after time that the church has gone after groups, companies and logos that appear to have an "evil" sense. I find this ludicrous and....and ....I am at loss for an appropriate word.

Some of my worst experiences in life have come at the hands of the church, ridicule and rejection. I have a deep faith that is all my own. I do not need a church to have my beliefs, I do not need a preacher to teach me to be a good person. I do not need a group of people who call themselves Christians to gossip and tear others apart in the name of God.

In my early twenties I was pretty disillusioned about the church and working as a waitress. Every Sunday afternoon large groups of church people would come in to eat. They would be in their Sunday best. I can tell you that none of our waitress' wanted to wait on these people. These people were SO rude! They sat their and gossiped worse than a group of 7th grade girls. They never left good tips and complained about EVERYTHING. One day they brought in someone I had not seen before and it was my turn to wait on the table. This time I saw a difference in the people and they way they were acting. I finally realized the man I had not seen before was the pastor. They fake people were talking about God and the sermon, praising the other members of the church and hallelujahs for God. Towards the end of the meal the pastor was talking to me, and asked me some questions about myself. I answered him sincerely, he sensed my irritation with his group and asked me about it. I turned and said out loud for the entire group to hear exactly how I felt. I told him about the horrendous gossip, their ungrateful rudeness, lack of tips and overall horrible behavior. I ended it by telling him that I too was a believer, but if that's the way Christians were supposed to act, I wanted no part to do with being one...Silence rained over the rest of the meal. I was left a very nice tip, and the next week received a note from the pastor apologizing for his congregations behavior.... and lo and behold those people no longer came in for Sunday brunch....THANK

I get angry at the way "Christians" act. The Jesus I read about was a humble, gentle, unassuming man. Or as Dirk refers a hippie. He loved people and helped them. He ate with sinners and fellow shipped with all the people that Christians shun. I could go on and on, but the subject boils my blood.... I hope my thoughts make sense, and if I have offended any...get over it, its my blog and my thoughts.


Gary Wood said...

I too have been hurt by church members. You are correct in what you say about Christ. Don't let rascals in the church hurt your relationship with God. Read the Scriptures and be the person God wants you to be.

Em said...

Trust me, I am NOT offended. I've seen too much hurt. I would never return to the religion I grew up in. It was painful and damaging. My thoughts about spirituality and god have changed much in the last few years. And I'm much more content now. And I love witches. And unicorns (also a symbol of sexual virility!). Don't get too excited about Smurfs, though. :)

bardouble29 said...

em- I am content now too, I know my heart and thoughts. I am over the smurfs, but liked them when I was 6.

Jay said...

What really infuriates me the most is all of these hate groups. The KKK and other white supremiacists that hate blacks, jews, gays etc, etc always hide behind the cross. There is NOTHING Christain about that kind of hatred!

bardouble29 said...

Jay - I agree with you 100%. I could have gone on and on in my blog...that is one area that I have a bit of a soap box.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...


I hated waiting tables on Sundays. I always called the church people two dollar tippers because no matter what they ordered or how much you did for them they always left two dollars (and I worked in a slightly upscale restaurant).

bardouble29 said...

Whimsical - I worked in a nice steakhouse. They would come in and order twenty dollars plates a peice and leave me the famous two or three dollars...grrrr!

Dorky Dad said...

Unfortunately, churches are full of idiots. And they're often led by idiots. And the idiocy drowns out some of the truly great things that Jesus had to say and the example he set.

I don't understand why people do that, either. I mean, these folks' faith isn't that strong if they're worried about SMURFS, for crying out loud.

But this is a problem with religion. Often, the extreme and loud factions tend to drown out everyone else, and then others tend to paint a broad brush over the entirety of the religion. It's what Islam is going through right now.

captain corky said...

"I hope my thoughts make sense, and if I have offended any...get over it, its my blog and my thoughts".

Nice, I like the way you ended this post!

Two guys at work tried to save me the other night... I love getting them all worked up it's so much fun. Fear is the driving force in many of thier souls, it's sad really, and kind of lame.

Jazz said...

I was raised a "catholic" - but when I told my mom at 13 that I was sick of going to church she told me how thrilled she was, since she was going just because of me. So in our house, relgion was no big thing.

However, going to Catholic school turned me off from organized religion forever. Even as a kid, I could see that something was terribly wrong with the whole system. The hypocrisy, the holier than thou attitude. At one point I got into a fight with a nun who said any non catholics were going to hell. WTF? I must have been 12 at the time. And that incident probably killed any faith in God's existence that I had left.

Organized religion should be banned. I have no problem with faith in god, or any other beliefs, but when a "christian" tells me I have no morality and will go to hell because I'm an atheist, all I have to say is, it's your hell, you go burn in it.

Sorry for the rant on my first comment to your blog, but it's your fault, you hit a nerve.

bardouble29 said...

dorky dad - "And the idiocy drowns out some of the truly great things that Jesus had to say and the example he set."

I couldn't have said it better myself

capatin corky - I love when people try to "save" you. They try to convince you of what a horrible person you are!

jazz- welcome and thanks for stopping by. You are welcome to rant anytime. I understand, it is a raw nerve with me too.

The Wizened Wizard said...

I think I'm the "neighbor blogger" who recently commented on religion.

You certainly have had more than your share of trials during your growing up years. In fact, you'd probably be someone whom religion could give comfort to... if religion wasn't so busy being organized... People sure can find ways to convolute logic and reason.

Some random thoughts:

Jerry Seinfeld: "People. They're the worst." Probably if you take away organized religion, the jerks who hide their bigotry and hate behind it would find some other way to be themselves.

I know several fundamentalists. Some of them are wonderful folks; some are idiots. (Maybe like the rest of us?) The good ones are truly fine.

Some fundamentalists are pro-environment... strange allies to be sure, but that fact gives me a tiny bit of hope.

The "Religious Right" (talk about oxymorons!) are breeding. I see them driving their big vans full of their broods, a variety of Jesus bumper-stickers on display. They vote, and their children will all someday vote. This is not good, unless the more rational among us can turn their heads a bit.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I agree with your disdain and anger, and although I personally don't seem willing to "work with" my religiously organized acquaintances, the need to do so is apparent.

Apparently there are many of us who have a personal faith or belief, or who operate within a self-prescribed moral and spiritual framework. The question is how we might be able to persuade those who know we are sinners that their god gave them a brain to think with...

Sorry this is so rambling, but as I said, these are just some random thoughts.

Thanks for this post, BD29, and thanks for paying me the occasional visit.

RockDog said...

Here is a link that explains the Proctor and Gamble thing...very interesting indeed!

Starrlight said...

I so get where you are coming from with this post. I think the line "Jesus save me from your followers" pretty much sums it up.

Dirk_Star said...

How many times did Jesus go to a church or a temple?

Not very many, and then only to declare his mission...

I stay away from churches; most of them are far too concerned with politics these days and I get sick and tired of being shunned because I’m a “liberal.”

Jesus would not be very popular in most churches today.

Read his words in the New Testament, he is a liberal...

His words contradict nearly every single conservative belief about everything. I guess not enough people sitting in the pews bother to read the Bible.

I’m with you girl, I prefer to stay away from church and the current crop of “Christians” and look for God in the good people around me.

Funny how the only place I can’t seem to find God these days is in a church...